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Date/TimeSpecialityDisease SiteSpecialist
Thu, Jun 1,
1:30 PM EDT
Radiation Oncology Palliative Care Dr. Candice Johnstone
Fri, Jun 2,
3:30 PM EDT
Radiation Oncology Head and Neck Dr. Kenneth Hu
Tue, Jun 6,
11:00 AM EDT
Radiation Oncology Lung Dr. Spring Kong
Thu, Jun 8,
5:00 PM EDT
Radiation Oncology Breast Dr. Abram Recht
Wed, Jun 14,
10:00 AM EDT
Radiation Oncology GYN Dr. Christine Fisher
Wed, Jun 14,
3:00 PM EDT
Radiation Oncology GI Dr. Harvey Mamon
Mon, Jun 19,
12:00 PM EDT
Radiation Oncology GU Dr. Howard Sandler
Mon, Jun 26,
2:00 PM EDT
Radiation Oncology Breast Dr. Benjamin Smith
Tue, Jun 27,
12:00 PM EDT
Radiation Oncology Lymphoma Dr. Leonard Prosnitz
Tue, Jul 11,
11:00 AM EDT
Radiation Oncology Lung Dr. Spring Kong

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Palliative Care
Thursday, June 1, 2017

Candice Johnstone, MD, MPH
Associate Professor
Medical Director, Froedert and the Medical College of Wisconsin
Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Network
  Medical Director, Radiation Oncology

Kraemer Cancer Center, St. Joseph's West Bend