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Date/TimeSpecialityDisease SiteSpecialist
Mon, Nov 27,
2:00 PM EST
Radiation Oncology Breast Dr. Benjamin Smith
Thu, Nov 30,
3:00 PM EST
Radiation Oncology Lung Dr. Larry Marks
Fri, Dec 1,
3:30 PM EST
Radiation Oncology Head and Neck Dr. Kenneth Hu
Tue, Dec 5,
12:00 PM EST
Radiation Oncology Lymphoma Dr. Leonard Prosnitz
Thu, Dec 7,
1:30 PM EST
Radiation Oncology Palliative Care Dr. Candice Johnstone
Wed, Dec 13,
3:00 PM EST
Radiation Oncology GI Dr. Harvey Mamon
Thu, Dec 14,
5:00 PM EST
Radiation Oncology Breast Dr. Abram Recht
Mon, Dec 18,
12:00 PM EST
Radiation Oncology GU Dr. Howard Sandler
Sat, Dec 30,
9:30 AM EST
Radiation Oncology Leukemia/ Lymphoma Dr. David Raben




Monday, November 27, 2017
2:00 p.m Eastern time

Benjamin D. Smith, MD
Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology 
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center